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  • Kantan Assam Pedas Paste

    RM 7.50
    Assam Pedas, or literally “sour spicy” in Bahasa Melayu is a classic Malaysian dish. Malays, Chinese people, or Indians all have their own interpretation of this traditional delicacy. Its base flavor is sourness and spiciness with homemade blended spices and a variety of vegetables to sweeten the flavor. Although preparing it is simple, specific ingredients are required. The special ingredients are tamarind peel, ginger torch flower, and Vietnamese coriander also known as laksa leaves. They are the key to create that distinctive taste and aroma. The sour, spicy, and sweet tastes are extraordinarily satisfying for even the most exquisite taste bud.
  • Kantan Rendang Paste 任当即煮酱料

    RM 6.90
    🔍Originated from Indonesia but seemingly very popular and loved by many in Malaysia, especially during Hari Raya. Any rendang whether with beef, lamb or chicken is relentlessly slow-cooked and stewed. The end product? Flavorful meat in intense exotic spiced gravy. Although it takes time to prep and complete this famous dish, the complex structure of flavors is not one you will forget. Skip all the prepping and tiring stirring and try our authentic Rendang Paste. It will surely remind you of the homemade feeling you know and love.
  • Kantan Fish Curry Paste 咖喱鱼即煮酱料

    RM 7.50
    Unlike Thai curries, Malaysian fish curry is not that sweet because we use coconut milk to complement the spices without overshadowing their flavor. Also, Malaysian curries are heavier in spices yet do not overpower the taste of fish. But, served with garlic naan or roti jala is a true game-changer. That’s how true Malaysia tastes like. Although the recipe originated from India, our curry cooking paste has been localized to a Malaysian taste. We have perfected the recipe to complement the palate of Malaysians alike. All you need is a good piece of fish, coconut milk, okra, and eggplants to create the best curry that tastes expertly made yet homemade.
  • Kantan Dried Shrimp Sambal 叁巴虾米

    RM 6.90
    Dried shrimp sambal also known as heé bee hiam in Hokkien is a spicy condiment that is known by every Malaysian. If you weren’t aware, cooking it well takes time and is downright tedious. You need to constantly stir-fry the ingredients. Who has the time and patience for that? So, skip the shrimp cleaning and chili cutting and experience that lip-smacking homecooked taste with our Dried Shrimp Sambal Paste. It has all the ingredients and flavors we know and love best cooked with leafy vegetables and served as a side dish or condiment for any meal. Not to mention, you’ll cut down way more time but still manage to cook a delicious dish in mere minutes.
  • Kantan Meat Curry Paste 咖喱肉即煮酱料

    RM 6.90
    Meat curry is a timeless delicacy and an all-time favorite for Malaysians. Particularly because they are easy to make in big portions and taste better the longer it’s cooked. They are savoury and delicious on a side of steamed rice which can lift up anyone’s day. Even the smell of cooking curry can make any stomach rumble and mouth water. In Malaysia, there are many ways to cook curry such as kapitan style, Nyonya style and devil’s curry. However, our meat curry paste has been made to suit the palate of Malaysians. The taste is familiar like mother’s cooking yet exquisite like that over-priced restaurant.
  • Kantan Satay Paste 沙爹即煮酱料

    RM 6.90
    Ask anybody and they will tell you that chicken satay is one of their favorite and go-to appetizer. The pieces of boneless chicken marinated in exotic spices, skewered with pieces of fat in between, and grilled to almost dark in color are absolutely mouthwatering and delightful. The distinctive color and taste come from turmeric and the sweetness and dark color are from sweet soy sauce and sugar. However, now you can skip all those long hours marinating and skewering and try our Satay Paste. Relish in the remarkable taste of traditional home-cooked delicacy right in the comfort of your home.
  • Kantan Assam Laksa Paste 亚叁叻沙即煮酱料

    RM 6.90
    Relish in our signature zingy tang Kantan Asam Laksa with its umami-laden broth. Add in ikan kembung or canned sardine (mashed ’em) to go with the broth. Be ready to get hooked!
  • Kantan Siam Laksa Paste 暹罗叻沙即煮酱料

    RM 6.90
    Relish in our signature Kantan Siam Laksa Paste that is blended in various distinct spices which gives you an unforgettable, tangy, aromatic taste that satisfies even the most exquisite taste bud. Cooks well with any seafood or vegetables of your choice.
  • Kantan Curry Laksa 咖喱叻沙即煮酱料

    RM 6.90
    Relish in our signature Kantan Curry Laksa that is blended in various distinct spices which gives you an unforgettable & aromatic taste that satisfies even the most exquisite taste bud.
  • Kantan Prawn Mee Paste 虾面即煮酱料

    RM 6.90
    Prawn Mee, popularly known as Hokkien Mee is a popular prawn noodle soup sold by hawkers and street vendors in Penang. Made with real prawn stock, you can now enjoy this spicy, fragrant and full bodied Prawn Mee topped with your favorite ingredients under 10 minutes!


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